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teeth being cleaned

Regular teeth cleaning is a great way to maintain your teeth and gums healthy. Following are main types of teeth cleaning.

Prophylaxis Cleaning (polishing)

If your mouth is generally healthy, then this type of cleaning will be used for maintenance. If you have a good and effective oral health routine between appointments, then this procedure will be performed to remove any plaque buildup and staining on the teeth.

Scaling and Root Planing (deep cleaning)

This is a slightly more in-depth procedure used to deep clean the gums around the gum line and around the supporting structures of the teeth. This is usually carried out when someone has gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. Root planning is used to smooth out the surface of the root and remove any buildup of plaque and tartar that has formed. It may take a few visits before it is completed.

Periodontal Maintenance

This is regular maintenance for anyone who has serious, ongoing periodontitis. The treatment is usually carried out over a specific time period or until there is improvement seen and any symptoms are under control and manageable.

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